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Monitoring Solutions

Basic Monitoring

Basic PING monitoring is included as standard, although for a more robust solution you may wish to consider our additional monitoring options.

Because we constantly watch over key elements of your solution, not only will you be notified of any issue immediately, our technicians are also on-hand 24/7 to ensure the swift resolution of any problem, so you can be assured that your solution is in safe and knowledgeable hands at all times.

Advanced Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring service watches over the key elements of your server - including FTP, PING, SMTP, HTTP, POP3 - and alerts us to any potential issues before they've had the chance to impact your solution's performance.

If we detect a failure, our 24/7 support team is automatically notified and immediately on hand to resolve the issue. The MyUKFast dashboard lets you track every aspect of your solution from bandwidth consumption to disk utilisation.

Capacity Threshold Monitoring (CTM)

Capacity Threshold Monitoring is a feature offered exclusively by UKFast, allowing you to track every aspect of your dedicated server - from bandwidth consumption to disk utilisation and process performance.You can oversee the performance of your server, identify bottlenecks, check how services are responding, and monitor how efficiently your solutions are being utilised.

With customisable SMS and email notifications, both you and our technical support team will be notified immediately if you reach a pre-defined threshold. This enables you to respond by increasing bandwidth, disk space, etc. before your services are affected.

We set three thresholds based on your specific systems, which we recommend keeping relatively low. This gives you plenty of time to address the matter before your service is affected and ensures that you maintain maximum performance for your solution.

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Server Alert Management

General Alerts

  • Maintenance alerts - receive prior notice of scheduled maintenance on the UKFast network via email or SMS.
  • Incident alerts - if disruption to the network has affected your solution, details will be sent to you via email and/or SMS as soon as possible.

Server Alerts

  • CTM alerts - receive SMS and/or email alerts should your system's usage go above or below pre-defined thresholds.
  • Monitoring alerts - should any monitored service fail, you'll receive an alert via SMS and/or email informing you of this fault.
  • Backup Failure - in the event of backup failure, you will immediately receive an email alert to inform you of the problem. If no contacts are subscribed to this alert, we will get in touch with the primary contact.
    • Backup quota - receive an email alert when your usage reaches the last 10% of your available quota. The email will advise on the situation and give pointers on how to increase your backup.
    • Backup success - receive an email alert every time your data is successfully backed up.
    • Security audit - when you order a security audit, you will receive your results report via an easy to interpret, comprehensive email.
    • Server incident - after a specific incident with one of your dedicated servers, details alerts about the status of your system will be sent by email until the problem is rectified.

    Award-Winning Support

    Award-winning support

    Your solution will be backed by a team of UK-based technical engineers available 24/7/365, plus a dedicated account manager.

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    UK Data Centres

    Data Centres

    We've invested £22m in our UK-based data centres to ensure the highest levels of service, security and performance.

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