A day in the life at UKFast

Monday morning motivation

Six months in since joining the UKFast family in January 2016, I can safely say that applying for a role here was the best decision I ever made, both professionally and personally. In a short space of time I have built strong friendships and feel comfortable and confident amongst my team mates.

Here’s an overview of my Monday so you can see for yourself why UKFast is truly one of the best places to work (jealousy is to be expected… but a link on how to join the family will follow).

Steve Jobs once said...
New Customer Liason

Isobelle Panton, New Customer Liaison

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

...It’s something that really resonates with me and embodies the culture here at UKFast.

I start my day in our gym facility that wipes the floor with any commercial/high street gym, and has been purpose-built with us in mind and free for the team to use whenever we desire! Today I worked out alongside Lawrence. This is a humbling experience for me.  I’m running alongside one of the most influential digital entrepreneurs in the country and Lawrence, as ever, is as cool as a cucumber. This isn’t just a reflection of Lawrence’s personality and attitude towards his team. It’s a testament to the UKFast culture as a whole, where everybody is equal with endless amounts of care and compassion.

Sprints and circuit done… I’m ready for a quick steam room, a shower and some breakfast. I couldn’t ask for a better home away from home for getting ready and refuelled for the day ahead.

I prepare my eggs and avocado (an office favourite) and sit down for a cuppa and a catch up with my fellow early birds… Game of Thrones being the key topic of conversation on a Monday! 

My working day begins with our weekly Town Hall Meeting, where we gather everyone together to celebrate achievements and kick-start the week ahead ,leaving me feeling motivated and excited to start the day. The typical dread you might experience in a normal working environment (particularly on a Monday) just isn’t a concept that is entertained here. We are happy to be here, we want to do well and we want to have a good time doing it! I admit, this is facilitated by the fun interior of our offices, vibrant and versatile with lots of non-desk activities to be had (ping pong, pool, games room and a napping snug to name a few).  

Not just your average brew break… we have huge Nespresso coffee machines on every floor and fresh fruit delivered to the office every day!

At lunch I catch up with people from different departments in the lounge. It’s nice to find out what other people are up to in their day to day…. But if I’m honest, today we mainly spoke about Beyoncé and her upcoming tour and album. Don’t worry, you can still apply if you’re not a Beyoncé fan… there’s time to convert you yet!

I am ready to get back to my work, feeling refreshed and ready for a productive afternoon. Ahead of me is a huge monogram of Muhammed Ali and next to it some of his most famous words:

"We are happy to be here, we want to do well and we want to have a good time doing it!"


" I run on the road long before I dance under the lights ”

Again, I feel inspired; this quote reflects my work ethic and that of our company as a whole. We work really hard and we are truly rewarded for that. We ‘dance under the lights’ in Snowdon, in Switzerland, at UKFest (our mini Glasto) and at Chester Zoo… we dance under the lights in so many ways because our successes are celebrated by Lawrence, Gail and all of the team, all of the time. Here our managers lead us, guide us and mentor us to reach our full potential; we look to them for support and as our role models too.

My afternoon consists of working collaboratively with the Sales team and the Marketing and Communications team. I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded with real responsibility very early on and I spend my afternoons working hard towards achieving my professional targets and personal goals.

I am raring and ready to go to netball with my fellow UKFast and Furious squad. Our coach, match fees and kit are paid for by UKFast; it’s the outstanding generosity of Lawrence and Gail that allows us to participate in all sorts of ‘extra-curricular’ activities that no other company can boast. From football and netball to cinema nights and friends and family days out, these are the aspects of UKFast that make it undeniably unique.

I drive home calm and content with the day gone by and ready for the next (if a little out of breath from netball).

 On average we spend a third of our lives at work… I’m fortunate enough to love what I do… and you can too!



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