Microsoft Derails Rustock Botnet Down

Rustock Botnet, one of the world's largest spamming botnets seems to have stopped sending out messages, yet no clear explanation has been given as to why.

The Rustock botnet, which was pushing out 47.5 per cent of all spam by the end of 2010, stopped spamming on Wednesday afternoon around 3pm GMT.

A lawsuit by Microsoft that was unsealed at the company's request on Thursday triggered several co-ordinated raids on Wednesday that took down Rustock, a botnet that infected millions of computers with malicious code in order to turn them into a massive spam-sending network.

"This botnet is estimated to have approximately a million infected computers operating under its control and has been known to be capable of sending billions of spam mails every day," Richard Boscovich, senior attorney in the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

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