Open Source Group Slate Novell Over Patent Sale

German Federal Cartel Office have today received a letter from the Open Source Initiative, objecting to the sale of Novell's patents to a consortium of Microsoft.

Novell, which distributes SuSE Linux, was acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 billion back in November 2010.

In the letter, the Open Source Initiative voices its concern over the proposed recipient of Novell's patent portfolio, CPTN. The consortium paid $450m for Novell patents, however the OSI letter states that CPTN represents a real threat to the growing use of open source software in business, government, academia and non-profit organisations worldwide.

Michael Tiemann, OSI president, stated in his blog, "The fact that Microsoft was leading the takeover of Novell's patents was itself alarming to the open source community, but when it was revealed that Microsoft had recruited Oracle, Apple and EMC to be co-owners of the patents, the OSI Board felt compelled to request that competition authorities take a closer look at the proposed transaction."

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