Microsoft Wrongly Targets BBC in Copyright Takedown Request

It has emerged that Microsoft mistakenly made automated requests for pages on the BBC website to be taken down from Google over "copyright infringements".

Requests were also made of content from CCN, Wikipedia and the US Government.

The sites were wrongly identified by software which searches the internet for sites illegally sharing Microsoft content.

Copyright holders are able to make requests to Google - or other sites - to take down content under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). A successful request means the content does not appear in search rankings.

Technology blog TorrentFreak has called for companies to be punished for wrongful takedown notices: "Microsoft and other rights holders are censoring large parts of the internet, often completely unfounded, and there is absolutely no-one to hold them responsible.

"Websites can't possibly verify every DMCA claim and the problem will only increase as more takedown notices are sent week after week."

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