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Microsoft Provides Preview of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released a 'platform preview' of its Internet Explorer 9 browser which is to be released in 2011.

This preview is intended to help developers get an enhanced idea of the new web technology and new updates that will be built into the browser.

The web giant's new browser will support HTML5 and the new protocol will make it a lot easier to play videos and other content on web pages without the aid of specialist plug-ins. It will also offer better support for CSS3 and improved JavaScript Engine.

Although it is possible to download the platform preview, so you can view the new features, the new browser is in such early stages, Microsoft cannot yet call it a 'beta version.'

Some analysts believe Internet Explorer 9 could help the massive company regain its footprint in the browser market. Their nearest rival Mozilla's Firefox has slowly been increasing its numbers in the browsing share.

An analyst at Forrester, Sheri McLeish said 'Microsoft wants to be more than a follower or just on features parity, and they've created a whole new team for Internet Explorer. Microsoft is clearly taking the browser seriously again.'

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