Microsoft Merges Web Server & Application

ServerWatch reports that Microsoft has done developers a big favor by merging IIS 7.x with ASP.NET, thus combining Microsoft's Web server with its Web application development framework. This will make it easier to build apps and make life a little easier for developers, since the only version of IIS that runs on Windows XP, up to now, is an old, obsolete version of IIS. So developers had to choose, run Windows Server 2008 on their desktop, or develop on a limited server. Now they don't need to make that trade-off.

Microsoft is readying a new version of its Internet Web server that the company says will simplify building and testing websites for corporate developers.

Dubbed Internet Information Services (IIS) Express, the new version aims to combine many of the best features of both IIS 7.x -- Microsoft's full-production Web server that is built into Windows -- and Visual Studio's (VS) ASP.NET Developer Server.

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