Ballmer Says Cloud is the Future of Microsoft

At his address to the University of Washington, Steve Ballmer stated that cloud hosting would provide exciting opportunities for the future of Microsoft.

The CEO promotes five key reasons why Microsoft has chosen to focus upon the development of cloud hosting.

Firstly, he argues that Microsoft has the capacity to become expert in this field. Microsoft therefore has and will continue to invest a great deal of resources in to cloud. Although technologically behind when it comes to developing mobile devices he said, when it comes to cloud hosting, "we are all in". "Literally", he said, "We are betting our company on it."

Secondly, Microsoft highlights how cloud technology has the capacity to learn. It is not a static entity and continues to grow and change based upon the data it receives. Because of this Ballmer believes that cloud could revolutionise hosting altogether.

Thirdly, Ballmer argues that the cloud creates new levels of online interaction. He exemplifies this with a visual demonstration. It showed how two parties may remotely but simultaneously watch TV together and carry out social interactions on this basis through the use of cloud technology.

The CEO explains that his fourth and fifth reasons to focus on cloud hosting are closely linked. Because the cloud requires "smart devices" it will continue to encourage Microsoft to provide just that.

In turn, Microsoft's development of hardware and servers will further encourage the development of cloud technology. For Steve Ballmer, it is because of this symbiotic relationship that the two fit well together and the development of the cloud will be so beneficial to the future of Microsoft

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