Office in the Cloud

There were some surprising findings in an online poll carried out by Computer Weekly last week about cloud-based applications. The question was "Would you change to a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office?" And as of the 1st August the results were: Yes: 27.08% No: 63.99% Cloud? 8.93% Demand for flexible IT services and better education of cloud services would suggest these results should be the other way round. Cloud-based Office 365 was formally launched at the end of June; a Microsoft service that puts all of the familiar Office packages on the web. So why did people respond in this way? By accessing apps in the cloud, businesses are enabling collaboration and taking steps towards better remote working. Documents can be shared and edited in real time, cutting out multiple document versions on emails going back and forth between colleagues. Maybe the issue is that people are not used to working in this way. While the tools are the same, the method of using them is different. A resistance to change is often a barrier to technology acceptance. At UKFast, we have seen increased demand for cloud applications and developed our latest product CloudApps in response. CloudApps allows you to host Microsoft applications, in-house developed applications and other business services in the cloud. Once people have taken the leap and tried this new method of working, it is unlikely they will go back. However it is actually taking that step that is the barrier.

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