Microsoft News

Regular news about the Windows Operating System and other developments at Microsoft.


13 November 2012

Windows President Steven Sinofsky Quits Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, chief of the Windows division at Microsoft, has left the company with immediate effect.


08 October 2012

Microsoft Wrongly Targets BBC in Copyright Takedown Request

It has emerged that Microsoft mistakenly made automated requests for pages on the BBC website to be taken down from Google over "copyright infringements".


10 July 2012

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 OS Release in October

Microsoft has confirmed that is latest operating system (OS) Windows 8 will launch this October.


04 July 2012

Microsoft Engineer Discovers Android Spam Botnet

A Microsoft engineer has discovered and identified an Android-based botnet capable of spamming on a huge international scale.


10 February 2012

Apple's 'Essential Patents' Call Backed by Microsoft and Cis

Microsoft has pledged not to block rival companies' products if they infringe any patents that Microsoft owns which are deemed "essential" to an industry standard.


06 December 2011

Microsoft's Spam Battle Helps in HIV Vaccine Search

Microsoft researchers have discovered that the tools they developed to detect spammers' efforts to avoid anti-spam filters are also capable of spotting mutations in the HIV virus.


24 August 2011

Microsoft and CS2C to Develop Cross-Platform Cloud Products

Microsoft joins Linux to create virtualization and cloud solutions.


12 August 2011

Cloud-based Microsoft Office Faces Battle

There were some surprising findings in an online poll carried out by Computer Weekly last week about cloud-based applications.


20 July 2011

Microsoft Posts $250K Reward for Rustock Botnet Herders

Microsoft upped the ante on Monday in its months-long battle against the Rustock botnet by posting a $250,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the hackers who controlled the malware.


20 July 2011

Impressive Microsoft Contribution to Linux Development

Microsoft isn't exactly dumping Windows for Linux, but it has become one of the busiest contributors to the Linux kernel.


15 July 2011

Microsoft Group Patent Buyout Approved

American and Canadian courts have approved the sale of thousands of patents from bankrupt Nortel Networks to a partnership of leading companies including Microsoft and Apple for about $4.5 billion.


10 June 2011

Supreme Court Rules Against Microsoft

The U.S Supreme Court has ruled that Microsoft is liable for $290 million damages for patent infringement for technology used in building its Word software.


07 June 2011

Microsoft Demo Windows 8 at D9

At the D9 Conference, Microsoft demonstrated the next generation of Windows, internally code-named "Windows 8," for the first time.


18 May 2011

Microsoft's Bill Gates Says he Advocated Skype Takeover

Microsoft's founder, Bill Gates, has said he advocated the company's takeover of Skype, and urged other board members to support the move.


17 May 2011

Microsoft Deepens Bing's Use of Facebook Data

Microsoft has incorporated more Facebook data into its Bing search results, increasing the competition around social search with Google, whose level of access to Facebook data is not as deep.


13 May 2011

Microsoft 2002 Antitrust Settlement Expires

Microsoft's 2002 antitrust settlement with the Department of Justice expires today.


11 May 2011

Microsoft Pugs Critical Hole in Windows

Microsoft today fixed a critical hole in Windows and two less serious holes in Office in one of the lightest Patch Tuesdays in recent history.


10 May 2011

Microsoft in Talks to Buy Skype, Report Says

Microsoft is in talks to buy internet phone service Skype, the Wall Street Journal has reported.


06 May 2011

Microsoft Plans Critical Update to Windows Server

Microsoft today said it will patch a critical bug in its Windows server software and two other vulnerabilities in PowerPoint, the presentation maker bundled with Office.


13 April 2011

64 Updates in Microsoft's Biggest Ever Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has patched a record 64 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and five other software packages, many of which allowed attackers to remotely install malware on end user machines.


13 April 2011

Google Denies Lying About Apps' Certification

Google on Monday denied an allegation by rival Microsoft that it lied about an important government certification.