Online ads get gadgety

Call them gadgets or widgets, but small customizable ads embeddable on blogs and other sites are becoming more popular, report MediaPost and ZDNet. Companies ranging from startup Tumri to major players like Google are creating customizable ads that publishers can put on their sites. Tumri provides ability to create what they refer to as AdPods, which allow publishers to define which ads to show and what format to show them in. The ads link back to an online merchant and the publisher gets revenue based on either clicks or orders. Google created Gadget Ads, which promises advertisers a richer media format. Gadget Ads are in beta testing at present but are expected to launch in earnest this summer. They will be integrated into AdWords. Because Gadget Ads engage users differently from the click-through model, Google has devised special reporting standards for them. Widgets can include video and other rich media, including real-time feed updating. Disney used widgets web publishers could put on their sites to count down to the debut of new trailers for both Ratatouille and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. After the trailers debuted, the widgets were then used to automatically send new video content to the site. Source: Marketing VOX

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