Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & Apple most talked-about

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple are the most talked-about brands on the internet, according to new research. Online PR firm immediate future found that the four firms were mentioned more than any others in blogs, social networking sites and other websites. The dominating presence of search engines Google and Yahoo, as well as software giant Microsoft, is unsurprising given that these firms extend into countless areas of the net as they try to boost their internet advertising revenue. And Apple rates as the favourite brand for many technically-minded people, and is high up in the news agenda at the moment because of the US release today of its revolutionary iPhone. Included in immediate future's research were positive and negative comments left by internet users on sites such as Facebook, Flickr and MySpace. Other brands that made it into the "social media top ten" were Canon, Sony, Dell, eBay, Disney and Ford. "Social media and consumer participation are growing at lightening speed. Conversations about brands are unfiltered, unchecked and outside the control of marketers," said immediate future's managing director, Katy Howell. "Brands are being discussed, applauded and criticised across the web. It is time for companies to pay attention to the online conversations and look at strategies to get involved with their audiences." Source: Direct Traffic

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