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What are the most significant link building factors?

Wiep Knol has put together a very useful list of the most important factors involved in building links for your website.

In the style of the SEOmoz search engine ranking surveys, Wiep has asked 17 SEO professionals about what makes a link valuable or not, and has listed the factors considered most significant.

We'll list the top link factors, as well as seven things which can have a negative effect on the value of links, but it's well worth taking a look at the full survey.

Nine link value factors:

1. Anchor text - 4.6

2. Age of the link - 3.6

3. Type of link i.e. image or text - 3.5

4. Text surrounding the link - 3.3

5. Amount of links - 3.2

6. The location of the link on the webpage - 2.9

7. Reciprocal links - 2.9

8. Where the link points to on a site - 2.9

9. Location of link in source code - 1.9

Seven 'dampening factors' which may make links less useful:

1. Robots.txt excluded page - 4.9

2. Links on penalised pages - 4.5

3. Javascript link - 3.9

4. Redirect link - 3.9

5. Bad neighborhood links are present on linking page - 3.6

6. Paid Link triggers - 3.4

7. Noindex page - 2.9

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