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Survey highlights importance of top-end Internet marketing

A new survey reveals that wealthy shoppers are likely to use the internet, and that effective search engine marketing is essential to attract them. According to research conducted by the Luxury Institute, an independent research body, no less than 96 per cent of US consumers with incomes above $150,000 buy products and services via the internet. More than half of these (55 per cent) do so frequently. Marketers find that effective search strategies produce the best results. Almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of the wealthy "say that finding companies through internet search is an effective way to create a positive impression". The results will come as no surprise to those engaged in online marketing, which typically provides website owners with handsome returns for very little outlay. However, the notion that those shopping for expensive products are likely to do so over the web is likely to encourage more traders to advertise their goods online and reach a massive audience. "The internet is the channel the wealthy prefer when buying several categories of goods and services," said Luxury Institute chief executive Milton Pedraza. Many people make hotel bookings and shop for men and women's apparel. Other data from the survey suggests that 99 per cent of well-off consumers use the internet to research products before they buy. Direct Link Ads give away at least 60 per cent of their revenue share to website owners. Source: Direct Traffic

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