Vodafone Live launches mobile Internet portal in UK

Vodafone Live has announced cheaper web browsing rates and has launched its new mobile internet portal in the UK that will make it easier for customers to access the mobile Internet. The Vodafone Live portal became available on UK handets yesterday, and will be launched in Germany, Spain and Italy later this month. Vodafone penned deals with Amazon, BBC, eBay, MySpace and others for content-sharing. This included an interim, exclusive content deal with YouTube. These sites will be assessable directly through the Vodafone Live! portal instead and the rest of the net can be searched through a Google-powered search tool. Vodafone said that 10 million of their UK customers already own a 3G or GPRS-enabled handset, the new service enable customer to get onto any site they want and access web services such as Hotmail and GMail. Vodafone main aim is to grow an audience for these services and sell advertising to companies. Half of the company’s data revenues from 2006 were from non-text services such as mobile Internet browsing. Vodafone also announced cheaper mobile ineternet rates for contract clients: £7.50 a month up to 120 megabytes. This significant move will no longer charge customers extra for leaving the Vodafone Live! portal and surfing the web. comScore Europe's managing director, Bob Ivins commented: "The mobile web is at an early state of development, but we expect mobile web usage to grow as operators fine tune their tariffs, enabling consumers to take full advantage of mobile phone capabilities, content and convenience." Vodafone’s launch may mark the dawn of a new era in mobile Marketing and advertising as Mobile advertising seems on track to breach $3bn. Source: Direct Traffic

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