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Consumers keen to avoid online ads - study

Consumers keen to avoid online ads - study

A new media consumption survey from Deloitte has found significant demand for user generated content across all ages of US consumers, as well as revealing low opinions of online advertising among some web users. Key findings from the survey include: User generated content
  • 51% of all those surveyed were viewing or reading UGC. For the 13 - 24 age group, this figure rose to 71%.
  • 55% of 13-24 year olds read blogs and 62% watched YouTube, while for the 25-41 age group, 42% read blogs and 41% watched online video.
  • 40% of all age groups were creating their own content, though this covers editing movies and photos as well as creating blogs. 13-24s were doing this most, but 25% of over 60s also created content.
Online advertising
  • 28% of all consumers said they would pay for online content to avoid seeing ads.
  • 76% of all consumers found online ads more intrusive than print ads, while 64% said they paid more attention to print ads than those online.
  • 84% of all consumers visited a website after finding it through a search engine, while 82% did so because of a personal recommendation.
Deloitte's 2007 State of the Media Democracy study, conducted by Harrison Group, surveyed 2,211 consumers between the ages of 13 and 75.

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