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UK internet traffic increases ninefold to Polish sites

Internet traffic from the UK to Polish language and community websites has increased ninefold over the last two years, according to research revealed today by online measurement service Hitwise.

Hitwise recorded a growth of 805% between January 2006 and January 2008.

Google Poland is currently the most popular Polish website with UK internet users, accounting for 29.7% of all UK internet visits to the top 100 Polish sites in the UK, making it the UK's most popular overseas engine.

In January 2008, there were three times as many UK internet visits to the Polish page as there were to the French and Irish pages, and 10 times as many as to the Australian and Indian pages.

Google Poland was shown to be most popular with young men, with 62% of visitors male and 85% under 34 years old.

Visitors to the site were spread fairly evenly across the country -- 74% resided outside London and the south east; while there were as many visitors from Scotland as there were from London.

Robin Goad, director of research at Hitwise, said: "Google is the most visited website in the UK, so comparing usage of the different Google country sites is a good way of understanding internet usage patterns."

Of the top 10 most visited Polish sites in the UK in January 2008, the second most popular was, a Polish portal page similar to Yahoo! or MSN, followed by YouTube Poland in third.

The latter half of the top 10 list is dominated by Polish community sites, including -- a dating website serving the Polish community in the UK and Ireland -- at number six.

The Polish version of Wikipedia, which is currently the most visited foreign language Wikipedia site in the UK, is at number seven.

The top most visited Polish websites in the UK in January 2008 are:

1. Google Poland - 29.7%
2. - 6.5%
3. YouTube Poland - 4.6%
4. Wizz Air - 4.1%
5. - 2.4%
6. - 2.3%
7. Polish Wikipedia - 2.3%
8. - 2.0%
9. - 1.8%
10. - 1.3%

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