UK has highest social network usage in Europe

Brits are the most active social networkers in Europe, according to new stats from measurement group comScore.

Almost four in five UK internet users visited the likes of Bebo, Facebook or MySpace in August, while their usage was also above average in terms of hours spent, page views and number of visits.

Social networks received 127.3m unique European visitors during the month – 24.9m of which came from the UK, according to comScore.

On average, each UK visitor spent 5.8 hours per month on social networking sites and made 23.3 visits – a much higher usage level than France, whose visitors averaged two hours per month and 16.8 visits; and Germany, with 3.1 hours and 13.8 visits.

The UK’s heaviest users (the most active 20%, measured by time spent), spent 22 hours per person on social networking sites, made 71 visits and viewed over 3,000 pages of content in August.

Conversely, the least active 50% were much less engaged, making just 4.6 visits per person and consuming only 47 pages of content.

Bob Ivins, EVP of International Markets at comScore, said the 80%-20% rule also applied to social networking sites:

“Averages provide a valuable summary of the behaviour of visitors to European social networking sites, but as the segmentation of this audience shows, there is a lot more that smart media planners need to know.

“As an example, about 80% of all online activity at social networking sites can be attributed to only 20% of visitors.”

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