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Google has two-day Analytics blackout

Google's Analytics website traffic-monitoring service stopped updating users' data on Saturday, yet another in a series of recent performance and availability problems. The latest problem remained unsolved yesterday and is apparently affecting all Analytics accounts, according to a message posted a Google employee in the official Google Analytics blog. Google didn't immediate respond to a request seeking comment about the extent of what it is calling a "temporary reporting delay." Users can log in to their accounts, but the data hasn't been updated since Saturday night. Although the data hasn't been delivered, it hasn't been lost, according to the Google blog posting. Organisations of all sizes use the free service to monitor traffic and analyse website usage. Using the data collected by Google Analytics, publishers make decisions about their sites' design, content and ad space. Last week, Google Analytics suffered what the company called a "brief processing delay". Another such delay hit the service during the weekend of 14 July, affecting "a small percentage of users," Google said then. The previous weekend, a server outage prevented "many" users from creating and logging into new accounts, according to Google. A significant data outage left many users fuming in late May as well. Google Analytics got a major upgrade in early May and some users are wondering if the performance problems are a result of the changes made to the service back then. In a discussion forum about this latest problem, a user wrote that Google Analytics worked better prior to the upgrade. "I was comparing the two interfaces while they were side-by-side and the old interface consistently reported more quickly," the user wrote. Another user had a similar opinion. "I have had bad stats ever since they switched to this new so-called improved version of analytics. For me it has been much slower to show activity and has not reported all the data my AdWords shows. I wish they would have just left things as they were," this user wrote. Source: Techworld

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