Twitter has people talking about your brand

While some companies are just starting to learn how to track their reputation online, others are embracing the blogosphere and actively engaging in conversations every day.

However, another potential service is far more disruptive than blogs can ever be and this service is called Twitter.

Twitter is a micro-blogging social network that allows users to post short 160 character messages to their friends.

Some popular twitterers have over 15,000 friends and their messages can have huge implications.

This weekend Michael Arrington posted negative comments about his cable connection after failing to get anywhere with the telephone support department.

Within hours engineers were at his door to fix the problem. Comcast, it seems, scans Twitter as part of its online reputation monitoring.

I use Twitter to post things I want people to know but that are not worthy of a post on my blog.

It's also useful to learn about what other people are doing without waiting for them to blog about it.

The best tool for tracking your Twitter reputation is which allows you to receive emails whenever somebody mentions your name or brand in a Tweet.

The best method to deal with Twitter is to sign up with a public profile so you can respond to any negative comments quickly and easily.

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