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The webmaster's guide to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has the ability to drive a huge amount of traffic (up to 20,000 visitors for popular articles) to your website and can be a very valuable marketing tool. It is a thriving community of over 4.4m users who rate and categorise web pages before sharing them via the StumbleUpon toolbar. This guide will help you make the most of it without the risk of upsetting the community. The first step to using the system is to sign up as a Stumbler. To do this you install the toolbar and sign up to the system, SU will ask you some questions to find out what sites you like and then all you need to do is click the Stumble! button and start finding interesting sites. Most new users are amazed at how much they like every single site that SU provides - the service really is that good at finding out which content you like. To make it better it is very important to use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons to teach the system about your personal likes & dislikes. Once you have started using the StumbleUpon toolbar to find sites you like, the next step is to vote some of the more interesting pages on your own site. Please note that unless your page is visually appealing and has excellent, non-commercial content it isn't a good idea to submit it. Likewise, it is better to submit an internal article rather than your homepage. To start with just visit a few pages on your site and click the thumbs up button. If the page hasn't been stumbled by somebody else then you have the option to add categories and tags to the listing. Once a page has already been submitted you can click the "Reviews of this page" button on your toolbar (the one that looks like a speech bubble) to see what other people thought and how many Stumblers voted for it. Alternatively visit this page and enter the url. You can see how many users like e-consultancy over here. How to make the most of StumbleUpon:
  • Upload an avatar
  • Make friends with similar users
  • Join groups related to your business
  • Don't try to buy or exchange votes as this is against the guidelines
  • Don't submit too many pages from one site
  • Make sure you submit quality content

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