Text Beats the Recession

The global economic slowdown means that companies are spending less and money is generally becoming tighter. Experts suggest that the UK economy will shrink by 2% in 2009 before recovering in 2010 to begin growing again. However, Text Internet Marketing has seen the recession have a positive effect on online marketing and search engine optimisation. Text clients are typically entrepreneurial companies with a fast development plan, investing in their own success in a variety of different ways. In all cases Text say particular trends are becoming apparent as clients become more focussed on expenditure and activities. There has been a shift towards online marketing and SEO as opposed to more traditional media. Online marketing is cheaper and easier to monitor. As belts get tightened Text is able to focus campaigns and measure them more accurately for clients. Graeme Hastings, business development manager at Text Internet Marketing, attributes the increasing popularity of internet marketing to the ease of monitoring results in the shifting economy. "Our clients are based in a wide range of industries and we're actually seeing an increase across the board with customers working that bit harder to make their businesses grow online. Internet marketing and SEO is cost effective, quick to react and above all else very trackable." About Text Internet Marketing - www.text.co.uk Text Internet Marketing provides a full range of services across the platform of internet marketing including web design, SEM, SEO, corporate video production and online PR in order to help businesses make the most of their online presence. Text's substantial portfolio of clients includes names from all business sectors including UKFast, Donington Park, Baines and Ernst and many more. For more information please visit: http://text.co.uk

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