Survey Says 73% of UK into Mobile Gaming

A survey on the subject of mobile gaming was organised by PopCap with some interesting results.

Some 2,400 mobile phone owners in both the US and UK were questioned on their mobile gaming habits, with 52 per cent saying that they had played a game on a mobile phone in the past.

More Brits than Americans had partaken of the likes of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, with 73 per cent of UK respondents saying they'd played a mobile game at least once, compared to only 44 per cent of US citizens.

Although a great deal of those 73 per cent were one-off players. When asked if they had played a mobile phone game in the past month, only 33 per cent said they had, which qualified them as "mobile gamers" in the eyes of the survey.

Avid phone gamers - those who had played in the last week - were recorded as a quarter of those questioned in the UK.

Amongst those who game on their mobile, 50 per cent said the amount of time they spend playing games on their handset has increased over the last year. And with smartphone owners, that figure goes up to 63 per cent.

Dennis Ryan, EVP of Worldwide Publishing at PopCap, commented: "Mobile games are, along with social games, the hottest sector of the video game industry by far. As more people purchase smartphones and the entire process of finding, purchasing and playing mobile games becomes as simple as browsing the internet, the mobile games market is going to accelerate even more."

Of course, PopCap is a big casual games publisher, and has a considerable stake when it comes to the mobile and social gaming sector. Its big titles include Bejeweled on Facebook, and the classic Plants versus Zombies on a number of platforms.

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