Web 3.0 Promises Semantic Revolution

A company manned by one of the Internet's first pioneering businessmen is guiding the next stage of the Web's development, reports Business2.0. The so-called "semantic web" is one that will make many daily decisions for us. By compiling data available on users, it will know what information to retrieve, what arrangements to make and what surfers are likely to buy. Radar Networks, headed by Nova Spivack, is playing a large role in that next iteration's development. Spivak's team consists largely of statisticians and analysts looking for patterns in the copious amounts of data that can be used to further the Web's intelligence. One stumbling block is that so much of today's information is not readable by machines and must to be made so in order for those machines to begin learning. An advantage of the semantic web is that it is able to paint a more complete portrait of a person. Instead of reducing them to a series of links, it can compile facts to give searchers a more well-rounded picture of who users are. In an ideal world, this process can simplify ad targeting and service production for niche pockets of consumers. Source: Marketing VOX

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