Marketers lost in Second Life, locals not friendly

The rush by marketers to get into virtual world Second Life has been followed by little idea of what to do now that they're there, writes BrandWeek. A survey by German research firm Komjuniti reports that 70 percent of Second Life residents are disappointed in the presence that marketers have established in Second Life. They view that presence as simply extensions of existing, traditional advertising efforts and not something that taps into the world's unique power. Even more disappointing are shops and outlets set up by brands, subjected to a certain amount of hype - and then all but abandoned. That non-presence presence is leading to frustration among residents looking for a more truly interactive experience. Some 42 percent of residents in the survey did not believe such brands would return to the site. Part of the marketing rush in-world was likely fueled by the hype and the population statistics often touted. Only a small percentage of Second Life's reported three million players, though, visit regularly and spend any substantial time there. Brands' realization of that fact may also be what causes some to abandon their Second Life setups. Source: MarketingVOX

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