Richer rich media, video boost online ad performance

User engagement and interaction are significantly improved in ads that leverage video and "richer" rich media, compared with GIF and simple Flash rich media advertisements, according to a rich media study conducted by InsightExpress and commissioned by Viewpoint Corporation, reports MarketingCharts. The study results showed much-increased purchase intent, brand awareness and ad favorability from survey respondents, according to Unicast by Viewpoint. Its Unicast Video and Unicast HD3D ad formats outperformed the GIF and simple rich media examples, the study found. Some findings from the study: * Purchase Intent: An Expandable Interactive HD3D ad was nearly twice as likely to generate a “Very Likely” to buy response (the highest rating on a five point scale) among users than an In-Page Flash ad, representing a 78 percent purchase intent lift. * Brand Awareness: A Video Wall ad generated the most brand awareness; 23 percent of respondents exposed to this type of ad were able to freely recall the advertised product - that's a 229 percent unaided brand awareness lift over the tested GIF ad. * Ad Favorability: An In-Page Video ad generated a 108 percent ad favorability lift compared with a GIF ad. * Brand Favorability: An Expandable Video ad was nearly twice as likely to generate a "Very Favorable" opinion about the brand advertised than an In-Page Flash ad among respondents - a 77 percent brand favorability lift. Source: Marketing VOX

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