Pricerunner partners with Vodafone for mobile site

Price comparison website Pricerunner has struck a deal with Vodafone to offer a mobile version of its website for the mobile operator's customers. Vodafone today relaunched its mobile portal, announcing partnerships with Pricerunner and other major internet brands. We caught up with Gary Goodman, Pricerunner's marketing director, to ask him about the link-up: Can you tell me about the deal with Vodafone? Vodafone is relaunching its 3G service this week, focusing more on content to get mobile users onto the internet. The company's working with six key partners for this relaunch - eBay, YouTube, Microsoft Hotmail, MySpace, Google and Pricerunner. We started our mobile application in partnership with mobile software provider Picsel and have produced a WAP site to backfill for users without compatible phones. Our mobile service gives users the chance to access Pricerunner on the move, so they can compare prices while out shopping or while in store. Why have you chosen to deal with Vodafone on an exclusive basis? The deal enables us to target a wide audience – Vodafone has 13m/14m mobile customers. In addition, Vodafone will be promoting Pricerunner through its site and the marketing for the relaunch. Do you see mobile internet use taking off? There have been barriers to customers using mobile internet – until recently, the prices have been confusing. With the introduction of simpler tariffs for mobile internet use, this makes it easier for consumers to understand. I see a change happening in mobile internet use over the next six months, as mobile operators are focusing more on content to get consumers accessing the internet via their mobiles. How does the mobile service differ from the internet version of Pricerunner? We had to find a way of producing a version of the site on a small screen, that is still usable, so we have simplified the navigation and the user interface. Source: E-consultancy

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