Search marketing predictions in 2009

Search engine marketing company Weboptimiser predicts that 2009 will be the year of search engine marketing. Amidst a challenging economic environment, Weboptimiser Media CEO David White said: "In the coming year we can expect that there will be less reliance ongloss and more focus on good old fashioned search results and accountability. This year search will be all about satisfying visitors, delivering results and listening to customers. 'Lifetime value' will be the key phrase for search in 2009." Weboptimiser believes that search campaigns will need to engage the audience for longer as clients move away from the more expensive 'get rich quick' leadgeneration campaigns. Successful search campaigns will connect with the target market, and go further to offer customer value - be it help, advice or solutions. 2009 will also be the year of social media in search. Companies will use it to listen to their customers and the successful ones will respond by delivering the products and services people want. A tougher economic environment means there will be more analysis of results to understand the correct messages for the audience and to create highly targeted advertising, placed during specific time frames. White believes the current economic climate offers opportunities to SEM agencies "At Weboptimiser we have always focused on creating search campaigns that deliver measurable business results for our clients. In 2009 we'll be using social media even more to help our clients engage with customers."

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