Check your site's stats with Popuri

Popuri is a new site which allows you to quickly look at statistics for any website. It shows the link popularity of a website using rankings from various sources. Simply type in the site's URL and Popuri will show stats from Google Page Rank, Alexa, and backlinks from Google, Yahoo and It also shows Technorati inbound links, bookmarks and the number of bloglines subscribers. You can also see whois information and a DNS report for any domain. The site is quick and easy to use, and provides a useful snapshot of a site's stats, though it would benefit from allowing multiple URLS to be inputted in order to get a comparison. There are a number of sites around which allow comparison of traffic and stats for different URLs, including Alexa, and Statsaholic. Another good example is Compete, which aggregates traffic figures from Alexa, Hitwise, comScore, and others. Statsaholic has found itself in hot water with Amazon/Alexa recently - after being forced to change its name from Alexaholic, Amazon has now prevented the site from using its API to display traffic graphs. No responsibility can be taken for the content of external Internet sites.

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