Police car crash Facebook group under fire

British police officers, who started a Facebook group about crashes they had been involved in while driving police vehicles, could face disciplinary action after Scotland Yard announced it was to investigate the matter.

The Yes I Have Had A Polcol group, which has 239 members, features 30 images of police cars that have been in collisions, as well as a video that shows a police vehicle submerged under water.

Many of the images have captions that brag about the incidents despite innocent people being hurt. One caption on a photo of a seriously damaged police car, which was posted by a police officer in London, reads: "Not my work this time. However, it was all the more impressive as when me and my colleague came across it the car was upside down with the blues [lights] still going! It appears the strongest part of the new Astra is the blue lights".

Another image shows the aftermath of a minor collision with an 82-year-old man in his four-door hatch back.

The caption below it reads: "I did him a favour. At 82 years old you just shouldn't be on the road and if you are then most certainly don't go through a green light into the path of an innocent police car trying to make an i-grade!!"

Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolis Police, said: "If true, this behaviour is totally unacceptable. We will conduct a rigorous investigation to find those responsible."

Several users, who had been made aware of the group after today's media attention, have posted comments on the group's "wall" to vent their disgust at the police officers responsible.

Jane Gibson from Newcastle, wrote: "Disgusting, I hope Scotland Yard see this and see all your smug, proud faces and take you away from the job status you obviously don't deserve."

Toby Slade from Portsmouth wrote: "Just to let you know I've done some research for you guys...... the job centres are open Wednesday & Fridays."

It seems not all Facebook users are opposed to the group as its number of members rose by more than 10 in the space of half an hour this morning.

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