Pakistan cuts access to YouTube over cartoon row

Pakistan cuts access to YouTube over cartoon row Pakistan cut access to the video sharing website YouTube on Sunday because it was showing the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority ordered internet providers in the country to block the Google-owned site because of the "blasphemous content, videos and documents", the Times reports.

When the cartoons were originally published in Denmark in 2005 they led to protests around the world, which resulted in many deaths and attacks on Danish embassies.

One of the cartoons was reprinted this month when a plot to kill the cartoonist was uncovered in Copenhagen, and further protests were sparked.

YouTube is massively popular and provides Google with an ideal opportunity to place online video advertising.

Recent figures from comScore indicate that internet users in the US watched ten billion videos in December, 3.3 billion of which were provided by Google sites such as YouTube.

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