The advantages and disadvantages of paid search

PPC versus SEO is probably one of the most controversial, talked about questions in the search world - marketers and SEO experts have been debating this for years.

This post will highlight some advantages and disadvantages of running a PPC campaign on your site.

Let us start with some advantages of a well planned PPC campaign. If you have just launched a new product or brand, PPC is a great way to increase brand awareness by targeting the right keywords.

Your brand/product will be in front of your targeted market by getting instant results in rankings to encourage traffic to come instantly and not in a few months time.

PPC campaigns are ideal for short term, for example, seasonal marketing campaigns like Halloween, if you sell Halloween costumes this is a great time to have a PPC campaign up and running.

You have total control of your expenses, PPC campaigns can be edited any time you like, change your target keywords, stop and restart at any time you wish.

PPC allows you to bid in large number of target keywords, including misspellings, competitors and keywords variations you may not want on your site.

Unfortunately, that is when problems begins, if the calculation of the maximum bids are not done properly, PPC campaigns can become very expensive and you will end up loosing money instead of making it.

One the biggest problems with PPC campaigns is click fraud, not all clickers are buyers. A way to avoid this situation is to use a ROI tracking tool to ensure you don't waste your money.

Using irrelevant landing pages or very generic keywords can increase minimum bid as high as £3, elevating the costs and again you'll end up loosing money.

Another problem with PPC adds is that searchers don't tend to click on them because they don't seem to trust those sponsored links at the right hand side or the ones highlighted at the top of the SERPs.

To learn more about SEO, visit our website blog for the next post on advantages and disadvantages of SEO/organic search so you can decide what will be the best marketing tool for your online business - paid search (PPC) or natural rankings with a well planned search engine optimisation campaign.

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