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For anyone doing research online, or just spending a lot of time browsing, bookmarking tools are an extremely useful of saving content for later or sharing it with friends and colleagues. Here are five of my favourite bookmarking tools for your viewing pleasure... The most popular social bookmarking tool, lets you save a link via a broswer button and access it from anywhere. You can view your bookmarks via a tag list or cloud. The tools for sorting and sharing bookmarks aren't especially extensive, but the service is easy to use and effective. Furl As well as bookmarking articles and websites you come across, Furl also provides recommendations on sites of interest, based on your previous saved articles. Ma.gnolia This is a well designed site with an interface that is easy to use. As with and Furl, you can bookmark sites via a browser plugin. Ma.gnolia also allows you to import existing bookmarks from or from your browser. The sharing tools are excellent, while the service can also save a copy of the web page you are bookmarking. Iterasi Recently launched, Iterasi is a useful bookmarking service, allowing you to tag articles and websites via a browser button. What distinguishes this tool is that it saves web pages in the same state as when you bookmark them, in case these pages change or disappear over time. Faves Formerly Blue Dot, Faves works via a button on your browser's toolbar that allows you to instantly tag any site you are reading. You can also choose any image from the page as well as tags and notes to add to the saved article. With Faves, you can create your own profile and personalise your homepages, while you can also subscribe to topics on the site to receive the latest content in your chosen area.

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