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Study: Online advertising can be fine-tuned

A new study by JD Power and Associates shows that online advertisers targeting new car buyers can tailor how quickly their ads reach the intended audience by studying website visitation patterns.

The report also found that the vast majority of new-vehicle buyers use the internet, providing the ideal audience for online advertising.

Websites can vary widely in the number of visitors they receive, and those promotions that have cash-back promotions are more effective on these sites. However, branding campaigns do not require the same audience levels.

An example given was the Travelocity and ESPN websites, with both having a reach of around 33 per cent among consumers looking to buy a midsize premium crossover utility vehicle.

However, the ESPN site achieves almost a third of its total monthly audience in one day, while the Travelocity site averages four per cent in one day.

"Optimising media buys and advertising spot placements in this manner can help advertisers achieve their specific Marketing objectives," said JD Power and Associate's Steve Witten.

The study also found that 88 per cent of new-vehicle buyers use the internet.

"Since new-vehicle buyers spend substantial amounts of time online, the internet is a great way to provide branding messages to consumers," Witten said.

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