InvisibleHand offers real-time online price comparison

InvisibleHand, a free real-time online shopping tool, has been updated to work on Internet Explorer browser.

Previously only available on Firefox and Chrome, InvisibleHand automatically finds consumers the cheapest prices when shopping online.

InvisibleHand works behind the scenes on the browser and automatically flags up to the user if a product is available for a lower price elsewhere.

Robin Landy, founder of InvisibleHand, said: "The fact is the web has become the consumer's best friend and more people are hitting the internet to bag themselves a bargain. In the past decade UK internet shoppers have spent over £200 billon online[6] and around 1 in 10 of all retail sales in this country are now estimated to be made online. It is now absolutely essential that consumers arm themselves with the best tools possible to hunt down the cheapest prices - by doing this they could cut their online shopping costs by 30% a year.

"InvisibleHand has already found over £7 million of savings for online shoppers, but by moving onto Internet Explorer we are moving into the mainstream as this is where most of Britain's online shoppers can be found. We can now help savvy shoppers hunt down their bargains and unlock £300 million of savings by bringing free real-time comparison to all. This means that consumers can shop online confident that the price they are seeing is up-to-date and correct - this has to be good news."

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