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The internet is increasingly being used by people as their primary news source, expanding the audience available to online marketers. A recent study by the USC Annenberg School Centre for the Digital Future identified a growing trend for using the internet as a news resource. Researchers said that web users "are using printed materials less often and are instead seeking out that information online, frequently from the online versions of the same sources". They added: "Everything in our work strongly suggests that this trend will increase significantly." Print news vs Online News This trend is demonstrated by the fact that all serious newspapers have web versions, with the Guardian, Times and Sun sites being among the UK's most popular internet properties. And what's more, they are increasingly diverting advertising funds into the online channel as they come to realise that the web is the way forward. That is not to say that print media is going to disappear any time soon, but as the mobile web grows and high-speed internet connections become more common, news agencies neglect the internet at their peril. Recent figures from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) showed that ad spend for the online versions of newspapers grew by nearly 20 per cent during the second quarter of 2007. Other developments have seen publications such as the Wall Street Journal move from a subscription model to an ad-supported model, as it becomes clear just how much can be made from online advertising. News feeds Equally, smaller websites can boost their own presence in search engines such as Google and Yahoo by offering their own industry news feeds. If a website sells, for example, financial products, then a daily news feed covering the day's main financial news will massively increase its relevance and the search engines will reward it accordingly. The opportunity to place keywords within fresh, ever-changing content allows websites to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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