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Net neutrality gets boost from US lawmakers

Another round in the fight over net neutrality and traffic regulation has begun, with lawmakers and telecoms sparring over what is allowed versus what is required, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Congressman Edward Markey (D) introduced a bill that bars interference with internet connections by operators, giving online access the same protections as telephone calls.

Broadband provider Time Warner has begun testing a tiered-cost download model, targeted to users that download or stream heavy content.

Other companies are also considering terraced internet. AT&T, Comcast and Verizon were recently accused of slowing the internet speeds of bandwidth-heavy users. The news only garnered public backlash.

Multiple costs of access harks back to the days before flat pricing made the 'net attractive to everyday users. Those opposed to tiered internet say it stifles innovation and protects paleolithic corporate interests.

Companies argue that tiered access enables them to maintain the quality of their networks for the majority of users.

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