MyTVPAL surpasses Apple TV and Joost

In the age of Internet TV the battle over eyeballs will be won by the service provider who can provide a wide variety of content with high video quality that plays instantly over low bandwidth over both PC and TV. With MyTVPAL.COM you can view over 1000 + free live TV channels and thousands of video on demand movies, documentaries, extreme sports, Travel, and IMAX 15/70 formatted titles, in DVD and High Definition streaming instantly on their PC via PC Player and TV via set top box. MyTVPAL streams instantly over any 1.5mbps or better connections. Unlike other content service providers such as XBOX, Apple TV, Cinema Now, Movielink, Babelgum, Joost, and other PC and set top box video on demand service providers that offer a slow download and / or unstable P2P only solution's with sub DVD picture quality, and no live TV channels. MyTVPAL.COM offers both live TV channels and video on demand content that instantly streams from DVD quality up 1080p high definition over 1.5mbps and up. In terms of service provider offering MyTVPAL.COM believes that users should have the choice to view content via pay per view or no charge through user targeted advertising. Source: Direct Traffic

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