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MPAA launches Torrent site to catch pirates red-handed

The web is truly a Wild West. With a deceptive new torrent offering, the MPAA is trying to net users in the act of illegally downloading movies, according to ZeroPaid. A company called MediaDefender, which bills itself as the "leading provider of anti-piracy solutions in the emerging Internet-Piracy-Prevention (IPP) industry," has launched a site called MiiVi that's dedicated to busting those that are both in the process of downloading copyrighted content, as well as those that have already engaged in the illicit act. Unbeknownst to download pirates who think MiiVi is a legitimate site, the destination allows users to download whole movies. It also features a downloadable app soliciting "fast and easy downloading all in one great site." Swedish site Pirate Bay tipped ZeroPaid off on the MPAA's latest tactics. As of July 4, MiiVi is down, but a Google search affirms its existence. ZeroPaid's post exposes the deception via screen grabs. Source: Marketing VOX

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