Internet allows SMEs to tap mass market

The internet has allowed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to market themselves far more effectively than in the past.

According to Robert Dirskovski, head of interactive media at the Direct Marketing Association, the web can "bring the potential of a mass market" even to niche brands.

"No matter what your product or service, to have a dedicated website is actually very low cost but still very effective," he said.

"Setting up a website can cost less than a couple of thousand pounds. This brings the potential of a mass market to a lot of SMEs who would not have been able to afford it before, and allows them to compete with large brands almost on equal footing."

His comments bring into focus the impact that Internet Marketing can have on a brand, as more and more people opt to do their shopping online.

The weight that companies are placing on the internet was further illustrated by a report in the Financial Times, which claimed that Internet Advertising was likely to continue to grow in the event of an economic downturn in the US.

This is because companies would be encouraged to transfer ad dollars from traditional media to the web, where they can track and target their advertising more effectively.

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