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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Mowser brings mobility to web content

As straggling retailers work harder at courting web and e-commerce consumers, quicker suitors are already looking to the next hot number: mobile brand exposure. Once upon a time mobile web browsing was undependable and available, in any case, to a select few. Times have changed - and while mobile web browsing remains undependable, mainly because web content is not formatted for tinny screens, mobile users are better able to access the internet. To quote Micro Persuasion, "Enter Mowser." Operated by self-proclaimed "mobilist" Russ Beattie, takes any URL and shrinks it down for easy mobile consumption. Site feeds are automatically detected and presented, and a simple command-line function enables users to search quickly and easily within specific sites like Amazon or Wikipedia. Time to start adjusting the pixels on that logo. Source: Marketing VOX

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