Link Development Integrated with Marketing Campaigns

Are you utilizing your marketing campaigns for link development? Companies can often make simple modification to their promotions to develop links simultaneously. Other times, the links already exist from marketing campaigns, but they aren't being utilized for their full value. Let's explore a few examples. Promotion URLs Many companies use promotional URLs, such as or, to track the success rate of specific TV and print media campaigns. These promotional URLs are often referenced with a link from other sites that cover that product, industry, or demographics. An example would be a beauty blog telling their readers about sales on makeup or jewelry. Even though these promotional pages may have high-quality links pointing to them, they're often left as orphaned pages on the site. One quick fix is to add a section of links on those pages linking to your most important pages. This will allow the link value to flow to those main pages. Don't delete the page once a promotion has ended. Recycle the page for future promotions. You could also mark the promotion as ended, add some content, and take advantage of those incoming links. Another option for older promotional pages that have already ended: use a 301 redirect to the home page. That way the home page will gain the value of those links. Newsletter Promotions Next time a newsletter or promotion is e-mailed to customers, encourage them to mention the sale on their blogs, social media profiles, or traditional Web sites. This is a great way to let others promote your company while developing links at the same time. You may need to add some incentive to entice people. It could be an upgrade, free shipping, discount, or add-on. Traditional Media Take advantage of your advertising spend with traditional media companies such as TV, radio, and print. If you have a significant advertising budget with a television station, then ask for a link from their site. Mentioning that your company is an advertiser will help. Always leverage your assets and contacts in traditional media. Many newspapers and magazines are creating shopping directories on their sites. They will often extend a discount to existing advertisers. Sales/Clearances Running a promotion on your site? Ask visitors to blog about it. This can be done with a simple incentive such as free shipping. Sure some of these links might not be worth much, but it only takes a couple really good links to increase your rankings. Also, it will drive new traffic. This strategy is low-cost and great way to acquire new customers. Public Relations Campaigns Spend a couple hours going over the value of links with your public relations agency or in-house PR person. Often, they're unaware just how important links are and what types of links have the most value. With some education they can start to leverage their contacts to integrate links into your PR campaigns. Some agencies might not be keen on client's educating them on marketing. After all, they're the experts. Those tend to be the ones that still live in the old media world and haven't kept up with SEM. One way around this is to tell them you're putting together a meeting with all people involved in marketing to explore ways to work with each other. At the meeting, have your SEO person or consultant provide education on links. If they're unwilling to at least learn a little about SEO/M on your dime, then it's time to get a more progressive PR agency. Make sure you keep an open mind, and an open ear. Your PR agency may have some ideas that fit in with your link building plans. Sometimes the agency will say something that sparks an idea for you, or identifies a PR tactic that you can take advantage of in your work. How can your company expand on integrating links into promotions? At your next meeting with anyone involved in marketing, ask a simple question: "How can we get some links out of this?" Some opportunities never considered will be revealed. Remember, good link building is just good marketing. Join us for Search Engine Strategies London February 17-20 at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Don't miss the definitive event for U.K. and European marketers, corporate decision makers, webmasters and search marketing specialists!

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