Most mobile Internet users are young males

New figures indicate that two thirds of mobile web users are under the age of 35, highlighting the young market that exists for advertisers to capture. A total of 30 million people aged 15 or older got onto the web from a PC, either at home or at work. The mobile audience is therefore almost one fifth (19 per cent) the size of the PC market, and very much a growing medium that offers potential for internet advertisers. As well as this, 63 per cent of mobile web users in the UK are male, compared to 54 per cent of PC internet users. "Similar to the internet ten to 15 years ago, men under the age of 35 are the early adopters of new technology and more likely to use mobile devices to access the mobile web than women or men aged over 35," said comScore Europe's managing director, Bob Ivins. "The mobile internet is at an early state of development, but we expect mobile web usage to grow as the mobile web improves phone performance, sites perform better small screen optimisation and phone companies drop browsing tariffs." The development of the mobile web was illustrated last week as search leader Google announced the launch of its Google Map service for mobile usage. Source: Direct Traffic

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