Search term war hots up for news providers

The world of news is adapting to the increasingly important online medium, meaning that internet advertisers have a growing audience. Much of the competition in news these days comes as organisations fight over the best Internet search words for a big story, the Wall Street Journal reports. In order to make sure their stories appear near the top of the Google or Yahoo search engines, news providers bid for the best keywords that they think users will search for. Terms such as "Iraq war", "Karl Rove" and "Virginia tech shooter" are often the subject of furious bidding. "Way back in the old days ... there used to be people standing on corners Yelling, 'Extra! Extra! Read all about it!'," said Murray Gaylord, vice president of Marketing for the New York Times online. "The way people get that content now is going to that search engine," he says. "It is the same model; it is just the way the world has changed." The New York Times now buys tens of thousands of search terms per year. As more people turn to the web for their news, Internet Advertising spend has overtaken newspaper advertising. Source: Direct Traffic

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