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You've followed everyone's advice and started a blog. Now it's time to gain exposure and readership.

Blogging is competitive. You're competing against other blogs, and all the other content on the Web, for people's attention. Not to mention all the offline content. That makes getting your blog noticed difficult.

Here are some strategies (both beginner and advanced) that can be employed in blog promotions. These range from a corporation making use of industry conferences to a cash-strapped business adding URL taglines to e-mails. There's something for every budget.

Guest Bloggers

Hire an important blogger for your niche to write a guest post on your blog. This could be a one-time post or a feature on a regular basis.

Set up a regular guest blogging slot on a weekly or bimonthly basis for the best results. This could be with one guest blogger or a series of bloggers.

Remember, the idea is to gain new readers and exposure. Pick bloggers with a loyal readership. A few things to consider are their backlinks, number (and quality of comments), and subscription numbers.

This method will even build links because many of these bloggers will post on their own blog about being a guest blogger and link to it from their list of places they're published.

Work with the guest blogger(s) on topics that will get people talking. Then their followers will do a follow-up post on their own blogs about the topic -- of course, referring your blog. That will increase your blog's exposure and penetration into that niche, thereby increasing your readership and links.


Take advantage of current communications channels to promote your blog. Add a URL tagline to all outgoing avenues, such as e-mails, newsletters, packing slips, invoices, profiles in forums, business cards, social media profiles, and the list goes on.

This may seem trivial, but one of the hardest aspects of starting a successful blog is obtaining loyal readers. Make the most of every communication opportunity by spreading the word about your blog.

Let's look at the example of the business card. Those go into the hands of the very people you want reading your blog: customers and industry insiders.

While those other business cards they received at the conference will probably go into a bottomless drawer -- yours might be left out to check out the blog. That could turn into a new reader and, down the road, a new customer.

Industry Conferences

Speaking of conferences, promote your new blog at your exhibit. Again, these are the very people you want reading your blog, from customers to industry journalists. No need to have a new banner printed. Simply add an extra smaller one or table tent.

If you're really serious about being the number one blog for your industry, purchase additional advertising space at the conference. There may even be a last-minute deal on tabletop tents for the networking lunches. That could be a great way to get people talking about your blog!

Lastly, have business cards printed specifically promoting your blog. Hand these out to everyone. While they may have no interest in your product or service, they might be interested in your blog.

Back to Basics

Remember the basic blog promotion methods that will drive traffic and links. These include blog, niche, general, and RSS directories. It's not exciting, but a good strategy.

If your blog already has decent rankings, it could be just what you need to get much better rankings. Of course, pick directories carefully because many have little value.

These are just a few ways to jumpstart your blog promotions.

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