Google optimistic about in-game ads

A top Google executive has predicted that the in-game Internet Advertising industry will be worth $1 billion by 2010, according to the latest reports.

Bernie Stolar, head of Google's AdSense for Games division, claims that his company has researched the market segment thoroughly and is planning to push through ambitious plans to exploit its full potential.

GamesIndustry quotes Mr Stolar as saying that he has been in talks with "every major publisher" - presumably about including AdSense units in their games. Publishers have shown an interest in this he says - and revenues will be increasingly diverted as youngsters continue to spend more time on consoles and less time watching their television sets.

Sports games will probably be most popular for advertisers, but other genres have potential, he claims.

By 2010, around 80 per cent of games will contain advertising - but it's critically important that publishers don't make adverts too invasive, so as to avoid any possible consumer backlash, says Stolar.

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