Google announces triple security applications

Google announces triple security applications Online search engine giant Google has launched three new online email security and archiving packages, which it hopes will help expand its Google Apps platform.

The three new offerings are said to be compatible with any mail system and can be purchased independently or as part of the wider Google Apps Premier Edition, according to the company.

Google's simplest packages allow email messages to be filtered, including basic anti-spam and anti-malware option, which the higher level packages include outbound monitoring and encryption.

The Google Message Discovery package includes all of these options plus the data archiving, retention and discovery features.

Google's Dave Armstrong told IT Week: "We're broadening our reach to the mid and SMB market but we're also simplifying things for enterprises.

"We're able to bring technologies to market in a way that it's very easy for enterprises to adopt."

However, one expert, Andrew Kellett of analyst Butler Group, argued that the move was more like a "positioning document" than anything new.

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