Google and Intel partner up to go green

Google and Intel have partnered on an initiative to make computing power, both personal and professional, more eco-friendlyreports Reuters. The two companies have created the Climate Savers Computing Initiatives and signed on many of the biggest names in hardware and software to support the effort. The program seeks to introduce personal computers and server systems that draw less energy and produce less harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The effort seeks to find power supplies that operate at a minimum 90 percent efficiency. While the upfront costs for more power efficient systems would be slightly higher, they would pay for themselves in lower amounts of wasted electricity. In the case of servers, it would also result in less power needed to air-conditioning systems to keep the machines cool. The program not only has the backing of those that make the hardware but also is working with the EPA and World Wildlife Fund, the latter of which offers rebate programs for buying more efficient products. Source: Marketing VOX

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