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Google has introduced a new ad format that lets consumers compare text adverts side by side in their search results. Currently only available in the US, 'AdWords Comparison Ads' will initially be limited to mortgages and will see a limited rollout over the next week. Writing in his Google blog, Dan Friedman, from Google's Inside AdWords team, said: "AdWords uses a host of targeting and relevancy signals to determine the best ads for each query. However, sometimes a user's query doesn't provide enough information for us to confidently predict what they want. "Take, for example, users who search for "mortgage." Do they want a new home loan or a refinance? Do they want a fixed rate or an adjustable rate loan? Comparison Ads improves the ad experience on by letting users specify exactly what they are looking for and helping them quickly compare relevant offers side by side." Google claims the sevice is beneficial to the advertisers by providing them with more qualified leads that are specifically looking for their services. They would also be more likely to follow up on an ad that caters exactly to their needs. For now, users who perform a mortgage or refinance query on Google in the US states where the ads will be available may see this new type of Comparison Ads showing them several rates from different companies and asking them to refine their search, for example by asking them if they are looking for a new home or just a refinance.

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