Google Expands in All Directions

As both an SEO and a Google shareholder, I have a love hate relationship with the company. More recently I have been feeling love when buying up shares of their stock, especially seeing how they are still buying marketshare while competitors are downsizing.

Increased Monetization

Google has been showing more ads on search results, and accidentally leaked some AdWords click volume numbers for Cyber Monday.

Google paid click volume was also up, year over year, in categories like Department Stores (39%), Books & Magazines (28%), Comparison shopping (25%) and Sports & Fitness (24%). Even categories like Apparel (9%) and Home Furnishings (14%) were up.

They recently announced they are accepting ads promoting hard alcohol, have started running credit card arbitrage ads on their own network, and created an additional chunk of targeted inventory by allowing advertisers to target ads to the iPhone and G1.

New Distribution Channels

Google is buying marketshare for their browser, which is soon to leave beta (so Google can start doing bundling deals).

How many more Chrome ads will we see across the AdSense network in the coming months, especially when considering that the Google brand is still cherished AND most brand ad rates have dropped sharply over the past couple months.

And some Google computers have the OS stripped off their user agent string, leading to some speculation that they might be working on creating an operating system or a more advanced infrastructure to build network applications on. The also released their native client, aiming to allow web browsers to interact with client computer resources.

Google just created a ton more inventory on YouTube by placing a search box on syndicated videos. And they just made their database deeper and more valuable by indexing a lot of archived magazine content.

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